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About Bongo

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I'm a painter and street photographer living in Seattle Wa. where I'm known by my brush name "Bongo". I adopted the name after watching the 1958 motion picture classic, "Run Silent Run Deep" wherein the "The Bungo Straits" , a dreaded submarine graveyard off the Sea of Japan, is mispronounced by the crew as "The Bongo Straits".

My paintings are drawn from those images and ideas that throughout the day, are so transient they barely register as thoughts. Forgotten but not defeated they burrow deep in the psyche only to surface later as a flash of inspiration. Sometimes they come as ciphers to be deciphered. Other times as twists and riffs as conflations on our daily feed of pop culture. I take them as they come putting them down in paint the best I can.

"Bad TV" is from an original digital image - now available as a poster
All other prints and posters are from my original paintings.
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